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......@@ -46,6 +46,18 @@ databases, namely:
See the respective papers for details.
The commands
database [chianti|stout|lamda]
are provided to manipulate each database en masse, while the command
species "Fe+" [dataset="Tayal18"]
is provided for refined control of individual model ions.
Notice that the keyword ```dataset``` may be used to select between various
datasets, as in the Fe+ example above.
* * *
## Notes
Several datasets are provided for FeII.
The default at the moment is the old Verner et al. (1999) model, which uses
the gbar approximation for collision strengths.
Available are also recent, more accurate calculations by
[Smyth et al. (2019)](,
[Bautista et al. (2015)](,
[Tayal et al. (2018)](
[Sarkar et al. (2021)](
compare these models and find that the Smyth19 model gives the best results.
To switch between various datasets, follow the instructions in the
[README file found in the data directory](../../../
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