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Commit 4f836298 authored by Chatzikos, Marios's avatar Chatzikos, Marios
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Fix bug with missing references in TeX table

Missing references lead to undefined number of rows when generating the
TeX table.  Add guards against that possibility.
parent 3934fa16
......@@ -295,7 +295,9 @@ sub print_species_multiple_TeX_rows
my $citation;
print $FILE "\t\t\t";
if( $i < $$nrows_per_file{$file} )
if( exists $$nrows_per_file{$file} and
defined( $$nrows_per_file{$file} ) and
$i < $$nrows_per_file{$file} )
$citation = $$ref{$file}[ $i ]{bibcode};
if( defined( $citation ) )
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