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Commit 5d498826 authored by Chatzikos, Marios's avatar Chatzikos, Marios
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Add missing '#' at start of save file header

The command in question was 'save chemisty rates'.
parent 4f836298
......@@ -541,10 +541,9 @@ void mole_save(FILE *punit, const char speciesname[], const char args[], bool lg
for (mole_reaction_i p
=mole_priv::reactab.begin(); p != mole_priv::reactab.end(); ++p)
for (mole_reaction_i p = mole_priv::reactab.begin(); p != mole_priv::reactab.end(); ++p)
const mole_reaction &rate = *p->second;
bool ipthis = false;
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