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Commit 85b6a75f authored by Chatzikos, Marios's avatar Chatzikos, Marios
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Add comment to code block in LineStackCreate()

A (disabled) block of code was added at the end of LineStackCreate()
that worked its way through the map of fine continuum bins and line
stack indices to quantify the amount of overlap present.  The block
did not carry a comment.  During review, it was deemed necessary to
explain its intent.  This is done here.

Also, on the output of bins with overlap greater than 10 lines, the
line stack index is now reported to show that the repeating species
labels are indeed genuine.
parent eb671072
......@@ -72,6 +72,14 @@ void LineStackCreate()
if( false )
// Go over the map of fine continuum indices just generated
// and quantify the amount of line overlap present.
// Currently (Jun 03, 2022) there exist bins with up to 14
// lines centered on them -- these are mainly due to hyperfine
// molecular lines.
fprintf( ioQQQ, "Overlap in fine continuum:\n" );
fprintf( ioQQQ, "==========================\n" );
int nlines_per_bin = 0;
......@@ -92,7 +100,8 @@ void LineStackCreate()
itl != it->second.end(); ++itl )
tr = LineSave.lines[*itl].getTransition();
fprintf( ioQQQ, "%s\n", tr.chLabel().c_str() );
fprintf( ioQQQ, "%d\t%s\n",
*itl, tr.chLabel().c_str() );
fprintf( ioQQQ, "----------------------------\n" );
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