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update OI CS per Antonio Garcia report

email of 2021 May 5
In the last few days, I've been collecting rates for
O i +e inelastic collisions. I started with Barklem,
A&A 462, 781-788 (2007) and tried to cast the rates into
Omega_ij strengths. After accounting for the partitioning
into the 3 fine-structure levels (lumped together by
Barklem), I was in a position to compare my Omega_ij with
those reported in the stout datafile. I was able to match
the Omega_ij for all transitions from the 1,2,3 levels
into the 4,5,6 levels, and also the 4-->5 transition.

I'm not able, however, to reproduce the Omega_ij values reported
in stout for the 1,2,3-->7 transition (from O(3P_J=2,1,0)
into the level at 9.52 eV). I didn't check the transitions
into more energetic states. The comments at the bottom of the
stout o_1.coll file (attached here for your reference) note
that there may be some inconsistencies. I'm also attaching the
values that I estimated myself for transitions within levels up
to 10 eV. I would appreciate your comments on this difference.
If you think it may be useful, I can send you a more extended
table with the Omega_ij for additional transitions.

Thank you!

   Antonio García Muñoz

Dr. Habil.
Planetary/Atmospheric Scientist
CEA Paris-Saclay
Bât. 703 Orme des Merisiers
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France
parent 68149d63
......@@ -13,7 +13,18 @@ CS ELECTRON 3 5 2.45E-03 2.97E-03 4.20E-03 6.05E-03 8.03E-03 1.09E-02 1.61E-02
CS ELECTRON 1 6 2.34E-02 6.86E-02 8.82E-02 1.02E-01 1.11E-01 1.22E-01 1.43E-01
CS ELECTRON 2 6 1.41E-02 4.11E-02 5.29E-02 6.14E-02 6.68E-02 7.31E-02 8.57E-02
CS ELECTRON 3 6 4.69E-03 1.37E-02 1.76E-02 2.05E-02 2.23E-02 2.44E-02 2.86E-02
CS ELECTRON 1 7 2.41E-03 4.34E-03 4.88E-03 5.49E-03 6.25E-03 7.86E-03 1.44E-02
# 2021.05.07. File created by Antonio García Muñoz (;
# Upsilon_lu Effective Collision Strengths for O i^* + e <--> O i^** + e excitation
# Based on calculations reported by Barklem 2007, A&A 462, 781-788,
# as posted on
# For transitions involving fine-structure states at 0.0000000, 0.0196224 and 0.0281416 eV,
# the quoted Upsilon_lu consider partitioning according to their statistical weights.
# original stout data
# CS ELECTRON 1 7 2.41E-03 4.34E-03 4.88E-03 5.49E-03 6.25E-03 7.86E-03 1.44E-02
#2021 Garcia corrected
CS ELECTRON 1 7 6.03E-02 1.09E-01 1.22E-01 1.37E-01 1.56E-01 1.94E-01 3.28E-01
CS ELECTRON 2 7 3.62E-02 6.52E-02 7.32E-02 8.21E-02 9.34E-02 1.16E-01 1.97E-01
CS ELECTRON 3 7 1.21E-02 2.17E-02 2.44E-02 2.74E-02 3.11E-02 3.88E-02 6.57E-02
CS ELECTRON 1 8 3.13E-03 6.33E-03 8.40E-03 1.04E-02 1.23E-02 1.59E-02 2.81E-02
CS ELECTRON 1 9 5.22E-03 1.06E-02 1.40E-02 1.73E-02 2.05E-02 2.65E-02 4.68E-02
CS ELECTRON 1 10 7.31E-03 1.48E-02 1.96E-02 2.43E-02 2.87E-02 3.72E-02 6.55E-02
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