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Commit b39b8f04 authored by Chatzikos, Marios's avatar Chatzikos, Marios
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Prevent non-interactive ADS BibTex queries

There was a bug in the previous implementation, which amounts to issuing
ADS BibTex queries in non-interactive mode.  Shut them down.
parent 415e87c4
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
# The script begins by asking for an ADS token, to be obtained from:
# and to use with queries to the ADS database for BibTeX records. In non-
# interactive runs ('-ni' flag, see below), this step is skipped.
# interactive runs ('-ni' switch, see below), this step is skipped.
# It then reads the default Cloudy bibliography data base in common/. This is
# needed for updates of the data base itself, as discussed below.
......@@ -1494,6 +1494,11 @@ sub add_ref_to_bibliography
if( defined( $interactive ) );
elsif( not defined( $interactive ) )
print "Bibcode not in .bib:\t$$ref{bibcode}\n";
my $resp = &get_ads_bibtex( $$ref{bibcode} );
if( defined( $resp ) and $resp ne "" )
......@@ -1510,7 +1515,7 @@ sub add_ref_to_bibliography
if( not defined( $resp ) )
print "Did not find $$ref{bibcode}\n";
print "Bibcode not on ADS:\t$$ref{bibcode}\n";
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