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......@@ -61,16 +61,18 @@ datasets, as in the Fe+ example above.
* * *
Compiling ancillary files with the \*.in input files
Compiling ancillary files
The download includes all the files you will need to get Cloudy running.
The download does not include the stellar continua file that are needed for
the table stars command to work.
The web site describes how to set up these continua and this only needs to be
done if you want to use the table stars command.
Several input files (names like compile\*.in) are examples of compiling some
of the stellar continua.
The script `````` may be used to construct ancillary files used
by Cloudy.
Some of them, relating to grains, are discussed below.
### (Possibly) compiling the size-distributed grains
......@@ -97,6 +99,7 @@ The \*.opc files give the actual opacities used by the code.
For details, see Appendix A in Hazy 1.
* * *
User-defined files that change code behavior
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