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Commit c00522d3 authored by Ferland, Gary's avatar Ferland, Gary
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provide workaround to assert

parent d1f65318
......@@ -179,6 +179,9 @@ bool lgElemsConserved (void)
sum_monatomic + sum_molecules,
(sum_monatomic + sum_molecules - sum_gas_phase)/sum_gas_phase );
fprintf(ioQQQ," Consider increasing value of conv.GasPhaseAbundErrorAllowed with SET DENSITY TOLERANCE as a workaround. "
"Its current value is %.2e\n" , conv.GasPhaseAbundErrorAllowed );
fprintf(ioQQQ," Temperature %.2e H density %.2e zone %ld \n", phycon.te, dense.gas_phase[ipHYDROGEN], nzone);
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