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{\em Cover image:
The X-ray spectrum of a unit-volume parcel of gas cooling under conditions
of constant pressure (isobarically) from X-ray temperatures (1~keV), computed
at three resolving powers.
In the top panel, the resolving power is comparable the proposed {\it Athena}
resolving power around 6~keV.
In the bottom panel, the resolving power is comparable to the {\it Chandra}
non-dispersive resolving power around 1~keV.
In the middle panel, the resolving power is at the code default.
This functionality is new to \Cloudy, and it is described in
\citet{Chatzikos2015}, and Section~\ref{sec:Cooling-Heating-NonEq} below.
The dawn of a new day, representing Cloudy's migration between
development platforms and new development plans. Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash.
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