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[release folder](
# Directory structure
There are seven directories below this one containing the:
1. atomic, molecular, grains data, as well as SEDs (```data/```);
1. documentation (```docs/```);
1. doxygen setup files (```doxygen/```);
1. a unit test library (```library/```);
1. some helpful scripts (```scripts/```);
1. the source (```source/```);
1. and test suite (```tsuite/```).
The test suite directory, tsuite, has a number of directories below it,
each exercising different aspects of Cloudy.
These directories contain all files needed to build and execute Cloudy.
Each directory has a readme file giving more information on its contents.
It is important to maintain this directory structure when the download is
opened on your computer.
# Building Cloudy
Instructions for building the code on various platforms are available on
[the wiki](
Makefiles are provided for most popular compilers (see ```source/sys_*```).
# Documentation
The ```docs``` directory contains Hazy, Cloudy's documentation.
Cloudy's API is described with [Doxygen](, and is available
Cloudy's API is described with [Doxygen](
A precompiled version is available
If you wish to produce a local instance, please follow the instructions in
the ```doxygen/``` directory.
# Contact us
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