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## Notes produces a report of the species and lines predicted
by the code. The input file contains its own documentation.
......@@ -22,16 +24,23 @@ The LaTeX source needed to build the documentation is included in folders
below docs/latex. The Perl script latex/ will compile all
four parts of the documentation, leaving PDF files in the appropriate
folders. To only compile one volume do
``` hazy1
To check on compile-time errors do
grep underfined */*.log in the latex directory.
To erase all intermediate files produced by latex and bibtex
(but not the PDFs), do
in the latex directory. This may be needed if major changes to the document
structure are made so that pdflatex becomes confused. To only clean one
volume do
``` hazy1
## Notes
This is a collection of scripts that are useful to the Cloudy project.
The scripts themselves have documentation.
adf042stout - convert an ADF04 file to Stout format
The following scripts derive a publication quality table from the information embedded
in the Stout data files (first two) and a table describing individual species models:
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