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      demote cautions of parts of SED being zero to notes · ce780fa2
      Ferland, Gary authored
      The demotes cautions that parts of the SED are zero to notes.
      The following wc on auto shows that we have a large number of
      these.  They are benign - they occur if we use a blackbody
      that does go to zero far out in the Wien tail.  They are a
      minor note about the SED rather than something deserving of
      raising a caution.
      the number of cautions in tsuite/auto went from
      Alien20:auto:wc ~gary/cloudy/cautions.txt
        5267  72721 544951 /home/gary/cloudy/cautions.txt
      Alien20:auto:wc cautions2.txt
        3846  64015 460146 cautions2.txt
  3. 12 Apr, 2022 1 commit
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      Protection against division by zero cooling. · 7a61cef8
      Ferland, Gary authored
      These protect against division by zero.  Problems were exposed
      by the lab sim posted in gtests / bugs / Mancini.  The
      sim does get now much farther along but aborts when the line
      stack becomes misaligned.
      The sim is a lab plasma, so it is far from our home base, but we
      should be able to compute it.  It is non-equilibrium.  It is
      unclear why the cooling is zero - perhaps the total is net heating.
      The changes seem safe since they are have never been needed and
      will have no effect in most cases.
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      add three AGN SEDs · 8ec44715
      Ferland, Gary authored
      Maryam Dehghanian added these three AGN SEDs that are being
      actively used by the community in AGN research.  The updated
      ReadMe.txt gives more information.
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      change due to Garcia OI cs fix · b2c93a6f
      Ferland, Gary authored
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      Merge branch 'garciaoi' · 82784b7b
      Ferland, Gary authored
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      Merge branch 'issue_437' into 'master' · 06fd12cb
      Robin Williams authored
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      Fix crash on erroneous input · 79aaf978
      Robin Williams authored
      See issue #437 for details
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      update OI CS per Antonio Garcia report · a3827c18
      Ferland, Gary authored
      email of 2021 May 5
      In the last few days, I've been collecting rates for
      O i +e inelastic collisions. I started with Barklem,
      A&A 462, 781-788 (2007) and tried to cast the rates into
      Omega_ij strengths. After accounting for the partitioning
      into the 3 fine-structure levels (lumped together by
      Barklem), I was in a position to compare my Omega_ij with
      those reported in the stout datafile. I was able to match
      the Omega_ij for all transitions from the 1,2,3 levels
      into the 4,5,6 levels, and also the 4-->5 transition.
      I'm not able, however, to reproduce the Omega_ij values reported
      in stout for the 1,2,3-->7 transition (from O(3P_J=2,1,0)
      into the level at 9.52 eV). I didn't check the transitions
      into more energetic states. The comments at the bottom of the
      stout o_1.coll file (attached here for your reference) note
      that there may be some inconsistencies. I'm also attaching the
      values that I estimated myself for transitions within levels up
      to 10 eV. I would appreciate your comments on this difference.
      If you think it may be useful, I can send you a more extended
      table with the Omega_ij for additional transitions.
      Thank you!
         Antonio García Muñoz
      Dr. Habil.
      Planetary/Atmospheric Scientist
      CEA Paris-Saclay
      Bât. 703 Orme des Merisiers
      91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France
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      Fix typo in comment · 644a6799
      Marios Chatzikos authored
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      GS correct errors recently introduced reactions · 9a72cd25
      Ferland, Gary authored
      The form of th85rate has a different formula than hmrate. For photoreactions one should use th85rate, not the hmrate. Since, both the th85rate and hmrate  take coefficient values in a similar syntax style (for alpha, beta and gamma), an unintentional mistake happened by me for those reactions.
    • Ferland, Gary's avatar
      series of missed SPECIES => DATABASE in docs · 5818af33
      Ferland, Gary authored
      The SPECIES command still used in some error messages
      when the SPECIES command changed to DATABASE
      Same mistake in doc for commands with VARY option
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    • Marios Chatzikos's avatar
      Fix bug in statistical weight of singlet ground · 9cd3a14a
      Marios Chatzikos authored
      The function that computes the statistical weight for levels in He-like
      species reports 4n^2 for all levels.  The 4 sums over both singlets and
      triplets.  However, the ground has only a singlet state, no triplet.
      This is the corollary of an earlier bug, which made the same mistake in
      how the n-n' CS is broken up among the fine structure levels of a He-like
      ground state.
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