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    • Marios Chatzikos's avatar
      Fix bug in statistical weight of singlet ground · 9cd3a14a
      Marios Chatzikos authored
      The function that computes the statistical weight for levels in He-like
      species reports 4n^2 for all levels.  The 4 sums over both singlets and
      triplets.  However, the ground has only a singlet state, no triplet.
      This is the corollary of an earlier bug, which made the same mistake in
      how the n-n' CS is broken up among the fine structure levels of a He-like
      ground state.
  7. 23 Oct, 2021 1 commit
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  9. 21 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Marios Chatzikos's avatar
      Fix bug in H2 line cooling · 96bb6596
      Marios Chatzikos authored
      Priyanka reported a floating point exception abort in one of her runs.
      It came from a straight-up division in CoolH2_GA08.
      Enclose all divisions in that function in safe_div calls.
  10. 19 Oct, 2021 3 commits
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    • Marios Chatzikos's avatar
      Fix bug in statistical weight of He-like ground · 5f8e92f4
      Marios Chatzikos authored
      The present coding effectively assumes that both singlets and triplets
      are present in the ground of He-like ions, when in reality the ground
      is a singlet.
      The He-like ground now has a statistical weight of 1.  Fixed.
  12. 15 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Marios Chatzikos's avatar
      Fix bug with FeII bands and consolidate classes · 190b1b88
      Marios Chatzikos authored
      Hazy claims that the FeII bands are always processed, but this happens
      only if a 'save' command has been given.  Move the command that enters
      the FeII bands onto the stack of bands to be processed to the top of
      SpeciesBandsCreate(), to make sure they are always added.
      The 'save species bands' infrastructure uses two classes to store info
      for each instance of the command.  The bands file and the species name
      are stored as part of the t_save struct, while the data for summing the
      band emission are stored in species_pseudo_cont.cpp.  Refactor the code
      so that only one class exists that holds as data the parsed info as well
      as an object of the class that sums up the emission.
  13. 14 Oct, 2021 2 commits
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    • Marios Chatzikos's avatar
      Fix bug with command order and 'save species bands' · e47ba38c
      Marios Chatzikos authored
      Gary sent a bug report that triggered an error with setting up the
      "FeII_bands.ini" file in a sim that contained a 'save' command, and
      'init "honly.ini"', in that order.
      The problem occurred because ParseSave() specified "FeII_bands.ini" for
      loading.  Iron was disabled later, so the "Fe+" species was not entered
      in the list of species known to the code.  This triggered an abort when
      the code tried to set up the FeII bands.
      Make sure that the species is active before attempting to set up bands.
      This requires that the bands are initialized after the atomic data have
      been read in -- the relevant calls have been moved to cloudy().
      The initialization of pseudo continua has also been moved to cloudy(),
      for symmetry.
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    • Ferland, Gary's avatar
      return to non-hyperfine split CN model · 2cc71178
      Ferland, Gary authored
      We updated the LAMDA model of CN to their hyperfine
      split version.  Many CN lines that were multiplets
      are now individual lines.  We now find one of the
      lines and obtain its intensity rather than the full
      intensity of the multiplet.  We would need to create
      a number of create line blends to get the multiplet
      intensity.  Those are inconvenient since then all lines
      have the same label “Blnd” and so are hard to identify
      in the output.
      This change puts us back to the previous state with the
      non-resolved model and the full multiplet intensity being
      obtained.  The LAMDA masterlist file has both
      versions present with a comment on how to go to
      the fully hyperfine split model.
      We need to look into the literature to see what is
      actually observed.  Do most telescopes measure
      the multiplet individual members?  What do most
      observational studies do?
    • Ferland, Gary's avatar
      document increase in limit to Fe 17 levels · cc78e406
      Ferland, Gary authored
      we should have given the change date and the reason for the change.
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