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Gari removes redundant reactions from mole_deuteriaum.dat

Ferland, Gary requested to merge HDgargiFix into master

We had not tested master with D turned on. Even the primordial composition set does not include D. Gargi ran the tsuite suite with D enabled and found converge aborts and botched monitors on master. She carefully reviewed the chemistry data and found that many D reactions were duplicated. She fixed that and I am committing that one set of changes to this branch.

I will propose merging it to master with D left off. The corrected D chemistry will not be used by default, just as it is right now. We will then merge from master with these changes to her HDgargi branch and continue other HD development there.

There is no functional change in master as a result of this set of changes, since D is not turned on by default.


as expected, this just ran clean on M2 running llvm.

the plan is to port these buxfixes to master then onto HDgargi where here development will continue.

these were the first bugs she tripped over.

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